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FAQS: We're in our 7th year as a DS company, but in business for 38 years! We are debt free! We are charity based, every sale helps someone! 


Information about signing up as a Sedalia Designs jewelry consultant

 -Fun way to make extra money

-You can do all your parties online or do live sales

-You can do markets and outside sales.

-Consultants are as important as customers

-Parties are easy because people can shop at

their leisure

-Your inventory is digital (for online parties, unless you choose to purchase and resell.)

-No Shipping

-No Deliveries

-Model your products everywhere you go

-The only wholesale to the public Direct Sales

Jewelry Company (no membership required)

-New Designs monthly to keep your customers

coming back


-Hostess rewards and prizes are paid for by the company

keeping YOUR pay in YOUR pocket

-Work for yourself, not by yourself. We offer all the help

you need as long as you need it.

-Work your own hours when it suits you

-Great Commission with down line pay and bonus

-Only 10.00 quarterly personal volume min to stay active/ ***Only if you have a downline. No downline = No min to stay active.

This requirement is met by Personal Shoppers (they are first level customers) Customers, and Personal Orders.



Commission is 35% on all personal sales.

1st level pay is 5% on anyone you personally recruit

2nd -4th level pay is 1% on all recruited into your down line


Plus jewelry bonus and incentives.

Currently earn over 100% bonus with rewards to assist during Covid


Consultant discount is 35% to 50%


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